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Carol Shields, The Republic of Love (via observando)

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Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve.

That’s why chicks dig you, man. They love this freaky, poetic crap.”

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lulasaurus asked: Since you posted about Khutulun earlier, I wanted to let you know about the gem I found, a book called "Princesses Behaving Badly" by Linda Rodriguez Mcrobbie which is a collection of retellings of famous "princesses" throughout history who were rounded and badass and remarkable. I know it's not totally in the scope of your blog, but I just read the Khutulun story and then saw your post! Many, many adventures of amazing women of color are detailed.




Huh! It looks like a pretty fun read!


What I see is epic kissing, drinking, and a severed head.

I am judging this book by its cover.

And it seems like a pretty good read.


Advice for Writers →


Copyrwriting your own work is always kind of tricky and keeping track of your work is EXTREMELY important. In order to put as much control over your work I recommend a few things.

  • Use online storage accounts like Google Drive to save your work. The moment you finish writing, save your work and…

This is extremely important to any up-and-coming writers out there—especially as more and more authors within the fan fiction genre are publishing their stories now. With this rapidly growing trend, there are now multiple cases of plagiarism. Protect. Your. Work.

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